Letter to the Editor

Once again, he missed the invite list

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

On Saturday, Aug. 25, our country lost a national hero, revered by millions of Americans – Senator John McCain. President Trump disagrees. In a televised interview in July of 2015 he said: "He is not a hero, I like heroes that were not captured."

McCain's plane was shot down during a raid on North Vietnam and McCain was captured. Because his father was an Admiral in the U.S. Navy, the Viet Cong offered him an early release from their prison sentence. He refused, demanding release of other prisoners as well. He then served five years of torture and abuse. He went on to become one of our most influential and beloved senators. In Trump's latest display of animosity, he broke with protocol and tradition by ordering the flag lowered to half-staff at the White house for only 24 hours after McCain's death instead of having it remain at half-staff till the funeral. He only lowered it again after scathing remarks from numerous groups criticizing his order. It's not surprising that Trump missed the invitation list to McCain's funeral.

In November of 2017, the Royal Family of England and the U.K. announced the engagement of Prince Harry to Megan Markel. As the May 19, 2018, wedding date neared, it became noticeable that of all the international leaders invited, President Trump's name was not included. He missed the list again.

President H.W. Bush's wife Barbara’s funeral was by invitation only. Melania Trump was allowed to attend, but once again President Trump missed the invite list.

If there is a farmers harvest festival this year, I doubt if Trump would be invited to that either. After his ill-chosen trade war and disastrous tariff assignment, farmers are facing significant losses as their traditional customers are looking else ware.

Maybe President Putin will have a party and invite him.

Robert Sneitzer

Spirit Lake