Letter to the Editor

What if?

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

What if:

China doesn't bow to American tariff pressure? For the Chinese, bowing indicates respect.

The Renewable Fuel Standard keeps being undermined by waivers?

After a $12 billion bailout, farmers need more help from programs defunded because of the $12 billion? What if more family farms fold?

Resulting economic stress makes it even harder to start a small business or keep communities vibrant in rural Iowa?

Social prejudice keeps Puerto Rican or Samoan workers from coming to support Iowa's dairy and hog industries?

Tax cuts don't stimulate real economic growth but go from most Iowa pockets to "booze", "movies", and "women" as an Iowa senator has told us they will? What if Iowa's budget starts to look more like Kansas?

Debt-burdened Iowa college graduates leave for better jobs elsewhere, partly because of pollution-diminished recreational opportunities?

Iowa can't attract applicants for teaching positions, nurses, mental health professionals, or OB-GYNs?

Or, on the other hand, what if:

In our capitalist society, farmers get markets and not socialistic welfare handouts?

Rural Iowa sees its future as a mixture of people not everyone the same that mix being a foundation of everybody's economic growth and opportunity.

Iowa's family farms and small businesses form the bedrock of healthy Iowa communities, with born and bred community college and university-educated Iowans as one important part of their makeup, along with teachers and health care providers who have come here from other places?

Iowans fight to keep confidence as the norm instead of letting uncertainty replace it?

Dr. Karen A. Larson

Candidate for Iowa House District #1