Letter to the Editor

What for?

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Both of America’s major political parties have problems with elitism and self-interested politicians. American politics are dogged by extremism that encourages personal attacks and discourages debate. Money corrupts government's ability to represent the people. Negativity thrives.

"If you’re a _(fill in the blank), you must be evil, or at least something close to it." Our political system needs a lot of healing.

There's a lot of variety in each party-centrists and extremists-moderates and "wingers," but our vision now skews to the far ends. If you're a Democrat, aren't you anti-Christian, -Constitution and -national security? If you're a Republican, you must be heartless. Such nonsense can't even be answered without jumping into a destructive cycle.

So, WHAT are Democrats FOR? A sampling, from the point of view of this author:

1) Allowing people to be seen and judged for who they are instead of on the basis of pre-existing labels or stereotypes. Then giving them a fair shake in society, like equal pay for equal work.

2) Supporting society's future by investing in education.

3) Showing responsibility to coming generations by being good stewards of the environment.

4) Supporting religious freedom for all instead of just for those who share your spiritual tradition.

Some of my friends and neighbors with "Rs" next to their names share such values. Others don't. Since people from both parties have asked, there's a take on what Democrats are FOR. There is a crying need for American politics to hold the middle ground, along with its wits and reason. There's no better place to promote such stability than in the heartland, the Midwest, where anchors of community and neighborliness still hold us strongly.

Dr. Karen A. Larson

Spirit Lake

Candidate for Iowa House District #1