Letter to the Editor

Attention Governor Reynolds

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

I support bipartisanship. I dislike extremism. I write to support the position of the man I am running against. At the Dickinson County supervisors meeting on July 24, the Republican representative to the Iowa House District #1, John H. Wills, confirmed his intention to make a request of Governor Reynolds. I support his intent.

Mr. Wills says that he plans to ask Governor Reynolds to change what is happening now. Tar sand oil from the Doon oil spill is being delivered to the Dickinson County landfill for disposal. Mr. Wills says that he will ask the governor to move disposal to another location. This is about more than simply not wanting the materials "in my back yard." It's about protecting one of Iowa's great treasures its Great Lakes.

The low-cost disposal method being used enhances already serious negative effects of chemicals that are mixed with the oil. The public does not even know exactly what the chemicals are. That makes it impossible to project their future impact on Dickinson County's environment or the health of its residents. A similar spill situation elsewhere produced disease statistics and hugely multiplied cleanup costs.

A lake area is not the place to dispose of this already highly unfortunate problem. Doing so promises to multiply tragedy into new tragedy. While there is no good place for such disposal, the Iowa Great Lakes is the worst imaginable choice. Where will water quality, tourism and public safety be in Dickinson County in the future if this plan continues?

I call on Governor Reynolds to grant Representative Wills' request.

Dr. Karen A. Larson

Democratic Candidate for Iowa House District #1