Letter to the Editor

To the People of Dickinson County

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

First of all I would like to congratulate my opponent, Ann Ditsworth, on her win in the primary for Dickinson County Recorder. If re-elected, I hope you will serve that position with a renewed sense of purpose.

To the 756 people who cast their ballot in my favor, I am humbled by your support. This journey started because I was approached to run for the recorder's office. I want you to know that I ran an honest and heartfelt campaign. I made every contact on my own. Each yard sign was placed either at the request of the property owner in support of me, or by my own personal contact with countless individuals. To say I was naive about the political process is probably accurate, but I ran on principle and passion for what I know is right. I have no regrets.

On the day after my loss in the primary, I went into work because thatís what people do. Not an easy task for me, but I did it. I will continue to work hard in the auditor's office and will be forever changed by this experience. Again, many thanks to those who believed I could make a difference. My efforts fell short, but I will never forget how 756 of you made me feel.

Kristin Wetzeler

Auditorís Office, Dickinson County

Spirit Lake