Letter to the Editor

Repetitive diatribes getting old

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

In a recent Letter to the Editor titled "The Right And Practice To Dissent" the writer continues his diatribes against President Trump. By my count these diatribes have been going for more than a year. Most of his material seems to be recycled from liberal blogs or the national news media. Few new points are offered just a repeat of what we have already read in other forums. I find his letters full of distortions, and I only respond to his letters with my Letter to the Editor to provide a more balanced view.

It is well known that 90 percent of the national media news stories (ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, WP, & NYT) about President Trump are negative. Since most of the national news media is based on the East Coast primarily New York and Washington it is understandable the national news media only talk to liberal people who think the way they do. I would suggest the national news media get out to Middle America and find out what the rest of America is thinking.

It is clear when the national news media wants to cover news about President Trump they would immediately start looking for the negative angle. The results are obvious. Just try to find a positive news story about President Trump. If Trump found cure for cancer the headline would probably read "Trump puts doctors out of work." Public approval ratings for President Trump are increasing, while the approval rating for the national news media is decreasing.

Recently, Special Counsel Robert Mueller announced that he would follow the Department of Justice rule that a sitting President cannot be indicted. The Democrats were bitterly disappointed. What remains is to impeach the President. That is unlikely with a Republican House of Representatives and a lack of support from the American people. In 1998 the Republicans were able to have President Clinton impeached by the House for committing perjury, but failed to gain a conviction in the Senate. As a result, the Republicans lost Congressional seats in the next election.

The animosity against President Trump is so great among liberals that it seems they would like to see the President fail in his negotiations with North Korea. It would not be a good thing for our country, if the North Korea negotiations fail Republican or Democrat.

Phil Petersen