Letter to the Editor

A thank you from the Red Cross

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Thank you again, Spirit Lake, for coming out and giving the blood of life on May 14 for the American Red Cross. Once again, the turnout was disappointing. Our goal was 43 and we only obtained 24 pints of whole blood and six power reds, which made our total 30 but we saved 90 lives with this life giving blood. We had nine that were deferred and three that had quantities not sufficient.

A big thank you to all that donated, and mark your calendar for Aug. 14. Letís make our goal this time!

A big thank you to all the volunteers for their help in the canteen: Gloria Ditsworth, Carol Schultz, Judy Hagadorn and a new volunteer, Marian Morse. Thanks also to Karol Larsen for helping in the reception area. We are always so thankful to Grace Lutheran for the use of their wonderful facility. We all enjoyed delicious homemade cookies from Lisaís Bake Shop. Thanks, Lisa.

Your generosity is most appreciated by those needing transfusions in trauma situations and for on-going treatment of chronic life-threatening illnesses.

Karen Dokken,

Co-coordinator for Spirit Lake