Letter to the Editor

Iowa's clean election history

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

This state has a long and strong history of clean elections. In fact, this state was a leader in woman's suffrage and females could vote on certain issues (bonds) well before any other state. This state has a  reputation for quirky but clean elections summed up beautifully by a statement from ballotopia, "When you go to cast, there is an election judge who knew your mother." The American Political Science Review states that voter fraud in Iowa is statistically insignificant, no higher praise than that.

That is until the GOP made us a voter repression state in their last session — because the new laws will disenfranchise many scores of defenseless elderly here in this very county. I am speaking of those in nursing and assisted living who cannot get out and get a voter identification card.

How about this as a solution: appoint two election judges to go the nursing homes and assisted living facilities and allow these fine Iowans to cast. This law was not well thought-out and shows little regard for our fine heritage of clean elections. Again, let's review: first state to use the Australian ballot statewide, people of color voting never an issue, females voting way ahead of the curve, same day registration always — I could go on, but you get the point. If the GOP really wanted to change the election laws for the better, then the merits of mail voting should be discussed. What they did was follow a plan to repress the vote to keep themselves in power. This plan was used by less than fair-minded people very effectively in other states. I hope that at some point we can come together and fix this mess as our reputation is sullied by this new law.


Mike Miller

Spirit Lake