Letter to the Editor

Taking words out of context

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

In a Feb. 14 "Letter to the Editor," Robert Sneitzer found fault with words President Trump has said. Finding fault with words taken out-of-context is really easy. In the lead paragraph, the writer finds fault with the Presidentís comments about the blank expressions of the Democratic members of Congress at the State of the Union address. What was hard to witness was the unresponsive Democratic expressions when the president talked about the lowest black unemployment rates in history. Or the young man who lost a leg in a train accident and then walked on crutches across North Korea and China to gain freedom.

President Trump should take credit for the historic rise in the stock market after he reduced federal regulations and helped Congress pass a historic tax break. He has used his bully pulpit very effectively to extol the many benefits of doing business in the United States. It is interesting that, when the stock market goes up under President Trump, the national news media doesnít notice. But, if the stock market takes a little dip, the national media makes it big news ó and all President Trump's fault.

When the Democrats were in power, they didnít care about the national debt. During Obamaís eight years, he added more to the federal debt than all previous presidents combined. Now that Republicans are in power, listen to the Democrats howl about how the federal debt is increased. The consumer confidence index is the highest it has been years and with business booming and wages increasing.

A common thread of Democratic articles is that they take words out-of-context to make a Republican look bad. When the full text is reviewed, the previously selected words do not appear to be so wrong. Another common theme from Democrats is that most of their public comments are character assassinations. The reason they do not talk about Trumpís policies is that they know they are supported by the public: lower taxes, less federal regulation, controlled immigration, greater control over opioids and better trade deals. Democrats do not reveal their policies of more taxes to fund larger government along with open borders, because they know those polices will be unpopular.

It is refreshing to have a president who speaks his mind, rather than hiding behind some mindless ramblings. Good advice from an often used quotation, "Actions speak louder than words."

Phil Petersen