Letter to the Editor

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Tuesday, December 12, 2017

The following†is a copy of the letter recently sent to the Planning and Zoning Board and to the Board of Supervisors for Dickinson County.

I am writing this with the hope that the Dickinson County Planning and Zoning Commission, the Dickinson County Board of Supervisors and the Dickinson County Board of Adjustment will take a moment to read.

Once again, we are faced with another plan that will cause additional traffic conditions, more concrete and housing added to run-off and additional building around our lake to distract from its natural beauty. Soon, the wildlife will be totally gone.

I commend the DNR on their efforts to keep our lake clean for watersport, boating and fishing. We certainly make their job more difficult by throwing more and more pressure on these lakes. Sit lakeside any summer weekend or holiday and you will see how bad boat congestion is on the lakes. I am not against progress or money, as far as that goes but, at some point, we must draw a line on what profits the few, yet adds additional problems for the many, including congestion, safety and quality of life as well as nature.

This brings me to what disturbs me the most, which is the manner in which this whole thing is being done. While I realize that meetings for these boards are set well in advance, I question how/why the agendas are set up. I question the timing of these agendas. Why is it necessary to push approval of these plans through at this time of year, in a span of nine days? I canít help but think these boards know the majority of people affected by these decisions are absent from this area this time of year. Coincidence? I have to wonder. It is no secret that many people have gone to warmer climate, and the position of these meetings in relation to the holidays means additional people will be gone.

The plans for this development say it is a 10-year project. Please explain to me why, then, a decision for this project needs to be made now. Why canít this decision be postponed until May or June when more of the people directly affected would be present to voice their opinions? For a change, let us use the process to truly represent the people instead of a chosen few. Maybe for a change, we can make a decision to help the DNR to fight the problems they face including invasive species and lake congestion, instead of adding to these problems.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Ken Kelly

Spirit Lake