Letter to the Editor

Keeping climate in mind

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

As you know, I spend my winters in Naples, Florida, but continue to get the Dickinson County News during my absence.

I was delighted to see the picture in the Dickinson County News of a large crowd at a Citizens Climate Lobby meeting at the Lakeside Lab that lasted for two or three days in October.

My winter home in Naples was hit by Hurricane Irma this past winter. Its intensity was increased by the warming of the ocean by the increased carbon dioxide from our burning of fossil fuels, over which it passed before reaching Naples.

If there was a similar meeting in Naples, I did not see a picture and information on it in the Naples Daily News. Good for the Lakes Area and the Dickinson County News.

The majority of scientists warn us that, if we continue to increase the temperature of our planet by the continued pollution of the atmosphere with carbon dioxide and other pollutants, we threaten to flood our coastal cities, threaten our agricultural production and bring an end to life on earth.

The scary thing to me is that many of those scientists tell us that it could all happen within the lifetime of my grandchildren, unless action is taken.

It is not surprising to me that the citizens of the Lakes area, as reported in the Dickinson County News, would be in the forefront of a movement to save the planet for my grandchildren.

It was a lucky day for me when my grandmother was born on the shore of East Okoboji, not far from where I caught my first fish. And it was a lucky day for the area when my son, Tom, called the people to a meeting to see what the developer was going to do if we did not raise the money to save the Park. We not only saved the Park, I see we are now in the process of further improving it.

I believe we have set an example for the rest of the nation of what a community can do if it will just work together and, for those that can afford to do so, to share our wealth to improve the area for everyone. The Okoboji Foundation is the star, but there are a multitude of other projects where we have given to improve the area for everyone. Whenever there is an opportunity to improve the area we say YES ó no matter how large the challenge.

Now, I believe our planet faces the biggest challenge of its life.

Thank God for people like, David Thoreson, Roger Patocka, Jane Shuttleworth and others, who seem to be saying, "letís attack the problem. We can save the planet and our grandchildren, just as we have saved the Park and have improved the area, by working together as concerned human beings."

Berkley Bedell