Letter to the Editor

Open letter to Iowa Select CEO Jeff Hansen

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

I live on the Iowa River in the midst of the “Greenbelt.” Over the years, I have witnessed multiple changes in the water color, odor and the amount of hog waste flowing in it. Furthermore, since the inception of hog factory farming, there is a disappearance of wildlife such as frogs, crawdads and their food source.

When I hear those factory farms semi-trucks come flying down the hill by my house, it’s impossible to not hear the hogs squealing in pain as they all shift forward and get trampled, pushed and bitten by each other. The other issue is the wear and tear put on our city streets by these heavy semis. Our town budget is very small and we do not have the funds for repairing the damage produced by Iowa Select.

I’m not sure how much money you need to make yourself happy and continue your lifestyle, but you’re hurting others to do it.

I strongly oppose the massive factory farm expansion by Iowa Select in counties across the entire state.

I ask that you immediately withdraw all plans for all factory farms across the state and meet with Iowans that are impacted by your pollution.

Enough is enough!

Susan Devries

Steamboat Rock