Letter to the Editor

Curlyleaf pondweed meeting

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

On Sept. 28, I attended the pubic informational meeting at the Sami Center about our area curlyleaf pondweed problem. The panel members who presented information are to be commended. They were well-prepared with supportive research for every point presented.

All information was clearly visible to every one of us who were gathered in concern for this serious problem. An efficient public comment protocol was in place whereby all who wished could ask questions and receive responses from panel members.

As with any widespread problem, there were differing views on how to proceed. Based on the professionalism with which this controversial subject was presented and the respectful way in which our concerns and comments were handled, I have faith that this group of stakeholders will proceed with a compromise that will serve the greater good.

Thank you to these individuals who are working so hard to address this significant Iowa Great Lakes problem. As I walked out of this meeting I pondered the current state of overuse and over-development in the Lakes Area and could not help but wonder, how much of this is a causal factor with this growing curlyleaf pondweed problem? It is hard to believe that it has not been a contributing factor.

Respectfully submitted,

Connie Finnern