Letter to the Editor

CLAMP appreciation

Tuesday, September 19, 2017
Volunteers from the Cooperative Lakes Area Monitoring Project coordinated by Iowa Lakeside Laboratory celebrated logging over 400 volunteer hours this summer collecting water quality data from nine Dickinson County lakes.

Here is a big shout out and thanks to the persons listed below who helped complete the 19th consecutive sampling season of Dickinson County lakes as volunteers for the Cooperative Lakes Area Monitoring Program (CLAMP). CLAMP is coordinated by the Iowa Lakeside Laboratory in partnership with the State Hygienic Lab at Lakeside, with funding support from the Friends of Lakeside Lab, Inc. CLAMP participants cut the cost of the monitoring at least half by volunteering their time and boats to collect field measurements and water samples.

Each year the CLAMP project continues, the data set becomes a more valuable and powerful tool for understanding the difference between natural variations and long term water quality trends of Dickinson County lakes. Preliminary analysis of data show increased water clarity and nutrient reduction in West Okoboji and several other lakes since the 1970s when the first ever Iowa Great Lakes watershed study was conducted by Roger Bachman and John Jones of Iowa State University.

In addition, we thank the Friends of Lakeside Lab and State Hygienic Lab for funding two Externships for local science teachers: Art Hellert of Spirit Lake and Marc Benedict of Graettinger-Terril. They were selected from a completive applicant pool and spent the summer working with Dennis Heimdal, Environmental Scientist with the State Hygienic Lab at Lakeside, analyzing data and developing projects to incorporate CLAMP data into their classrooms.

Volunteers who logged over 400 hours monitoring the health of Dickinson County lakes in 2017 include: Tal Allen, Cheryl and Boyd Bahney, Marc Benedict, Barbara Benson, Maggie Bleakly, Elizabeth Blunt, Don Brown, Bunny Camozzi, Clark Christensen, David Chozen, Val Cota, Lynn Davis, Kate Ebinger, Denny Galloway, Tom Gronstal, Lou Hasenwinkel, Dick Hawes, Dennis Heimdal, Art Hellert, Brad Holtz, Harper Hunter, Douglas Julius; Beth, Clayton and Myles Krummen, Dennis Langstraat, Stan Lemkuil, Christy McCoy, Hank Miguel, Mary Ann Montgomery, Paige and Shelly Morris, Mary Jean O'Hair, Chris Oponski, Howard and Sheryl Paul, Devon Piersma, Perry Pearson, Kyle Read, Steve Rose, Leroy Schoon, Jane Shuttleworth, Heidi Toale, Margy Wood, and Scott Zeigler.


Jane Shuttleworth CLAMP Coordinator, Iowa Lakeside Laboratory

Dennis Heimdal, State Hugenic Lab at Lakeside

Mary Skopec, Executive Director, Iowa Lakeside Laboratory