Letter to the Editor

The concern of all

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Because we all value and respect the natural beauty of the Iowa Great Lakes, the following information will be of grave concern to you.

A variance to rezone 65 acres of natural grasslands, mature trees and cropland adjacent to East Lake Okoboji, and near Parks Marina, is sailing through the Dickinson County rezoning process. This proposed Planned Unit Development (PUD) will allow up to 520 small vacation-type homes and allow less than 30-day rentals of the homes.

Unanswered concerns include:

Has there been a qualified, third-party environmental impact study of this high-density housing, including potential erosion into East Lake Okoboji and drainage through nearby properties on and near East Lake?

Have the Iowa Great Lakes Sanitary District, the DNR, Lakeside Lab, East Okoboji Lakes Improvement Corp., Iowa Great Lakes Improvement Association, Dickinson County Clean Water Alliance, Okoboji Protective Association and others been consulted for their input and agency requirements?

Has there been a professional traffic management study, as it relates to an already dangerous and congested 178th Street and 175th Street to the east and west of the proposed property, and especially near Parks Marina and the intersections at Stakeout Road?

Has there been an unbiased, professional, third-party capacity study completed for the required infrastructure, such as sanitary sewer, water and fire and police protection for such an intense development?

These questions and other concerns must be discussed and answered before any rezoning and PUD is finalized. Needless to say, intense development impacts the entire Okoboji area watershed!

The final decision, perhaps an environmental tipping point, is at hand. Please attend the meeting of the Dickinson County Board of Adjustment at 7 p.m. Sept. 25, in the County Courthouse Meeting Room.

Wayne and Connie Finnern