Letter to the Editor

Iowa Great Lakes Area speaks out against hate

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

With overwhelming shared condolence for the victims of the Charlottesville, Virginia, we as members of the Iowa Great Lakes Area and residents of Dickinson County, speak out against hate. We must resist white supremacy, fascism, anti-Semitism and bigotry, because hate is not acceptable. We believe that love and kindness are essential foundations to creating a community that celebrates diversity and our differences. We encourage you to join us in spreading love and standing against hate (sign on at: http://bit.ly/IGLlove).

Signed by the following:

Kate Mendenhall, Spirit Lake

Judy Weipert, Spirit Lake

Antonia Turvold, Milford

Dee Dee Shaffer, Spirit Lake

Casey Shaffer, Spirit Lake

Nancy Rees, Spirit Lake

Sondra Merrick, Spirit lake

Timothy J. Arand-McIlrath, Spirit Lake

Lyn Cox, Spencer

Greg Gamble, Spirit Lake

Eileen Lamer, Spirit Lake

Zach Borus, Spirit Lake

Diane Daws, Arnolds Park

Tina Sherrill-Range, Wapheton

Sara Koepp, Milford

Barbara Mendenhall, Okoboji

Jessica Kelley, Arnolds Park

James Ramsey, Milford

Greta Gruys, Spirit Lake

Lisa Duffy, Milford

Kelly Schatz, Okoboji

Lissa Potter, Okoboji

Clint Loveall, Spirit Lake

Jen Johnson-Ross, Spirit Lake

Jane Shuttleworth, Okoboji

Audrey Schoenthal, Milford

Natasha Nelson, Spirit Lake

JoAnne Sackett, Okoboji

Kyelee Prince, Spirit Lake

Rachelle Fratzke, Arnolds Park

Kat Davis, Emmetsburg

Linda DeLaughter, Spencer

Meredith Allen, Laurens

Janna Lorenz, Spirit Lake

Betty Sneitzer, Spirit Lake

Marla Jacobsen, Arnolds Park

Jamie Hunter, Okoboji

Scott Hunter, Okoboji

Sharon Swenning, Wahpeton

Robert Sneitzer, Spirit Lake

Stacey Burmeister, Council Bluffs

Palani Gregory, Arnolds Park

Alisa Larson, Spirit Lake

Caroline Perkins, Spirit Lake

Holly Zinn, Lake Park

Helen Alexander, Arnolds Park

Tootie Powers, Arnolds Park

Gretchen Graff, Spirit Lake

Mary Buell, Spirit Lake

Jane Kauzlarich, Arnolds Park

Jim Tuel, Spirit Lake

Diane Chaplin, Spirit Lake

David & Kirsty Thoreson, Okoboji

Lynne Moeller, Okoboji

Tammie Galles, Milford

Jane Lieb, Spirit Lake

Connie Boeve, Rock Rapids

Rev. Sarah Rohret, Milford

Lisa Milligan Maser, Okoboji

Robin Allen, Ayrshire

Phyllis Slawson, Spencer

Camille Smith, Spirit Lake

Penny Nordstrom, Spirit Lake

Forrest Forque, Spirit Lake

Mark and Sheila Reed, Spirit Lake

Mike Koppert , Arnolds Park

Cheryl Squires, Milford

John H. Wills, Spirit Lake

Valerie Silliman, Fort Collins, Colorado

Emily Gene Reed, Spirit Lake

Anne Bonestroo, Okoboji

Michael Horsman, Spirit Lake

JoAnn Reed, Spirit Lake

Mary Ann Montgomery, Larrabee

Sandy Garber, Jackson, Minnesota

Larry G. Aldrich, Estherville

Deb Morrow, Lake Park

Barry Sackett, Okoboji