Letter to the Editor

Open letter to the congressman

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

This is an open letter to Steve King. Mr. King, your silence says it all. First of all, it took you two days to respond to the tragedies in Charlottesville. And when you did respond, your statement was simply to “agree.” On Tuesday, Aug. 15, the nation watched while the man in the White House openly sided with those whose main goal was to inflict fear and harm.

Mr. King, you, in the past have been very vocal in your comments regarding other statements by the man in the White House. You have encouraged the building of the wall. You have supported leaving Iowans and many other Americans with no healthcare. You have supported travel bans proposed by the White House that the federal courts have declared unconstitutional. You have proposed to take away nutritional programs for our children. You have been very vocal in denigrating, denying and discrediting all things that do not follow your party line.

And now. Now, with the moral fiber of our democracy being assaulted by those who think bigotry and racism is OK, you choose to be silent. Your failure to condemn the White Nation activities for the atrocities that they are tell all of us where you stand. Your failure to question the response from the White House has unacceptable tells us you support his words. And your position is not what we in Iowa's 4th Congressional District find acceptable. I challenge you to to deny this, in your own words.

Virginia Kelly

Spirit Lake