Letter to the Editor

Forming a partnership?

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Wouldn't it be nice if the VA and Lakes Regional Healthcare could partner up to combine services to the thousands of local vets now being served through the VA and who reside in the hospital's service foot print?

As a 50-percent-disabled vet and county resident myself, I can't even go to LRH for specialty services because of a loophole in regulations: Since we have an outpatient clinic located in town that DOESN'T provide the same service as LRH (such as colonoscopies) I instead have to travel nearly 100 miles each way, stay in a motel (because of the prep required) — all on the VA's dollar.  

Also, since the VA is looking for a new home for its CBOC (Community Based Outpatitent Clinic), why not consider joining forces with LRH to provide better services so much closer to home instead of duplicating lab/speciality care?

If LRH provided spaces for VA primary care docs and present VA speciality care staff/lab workers now in at the CBOC, it would lessen the load on Sioux Falls VA services, provide more income to LHR and provide more special care services much closer to home for VA patients.  The VA wouldn't need 10,000 square feet for its new facility. Mostly just exam rooms and a reception area. I'm sure there's details that would need to be worked out, but that's what contracting officials get paid for.

It's just a thought that seems to make sense at first view.


Rick Collins, USNR