Letter to the Editor

Can You Find The Positive?

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Most of the Anti-President Trump Letters to The Editor merely repeat the negative stories being reported by the national news media. These so-called journalists include most major TV networks (ABC, CBS, CNN, NBC, & MSNBC) and most major newspapers (NYT and WP). When they encounter a news story they look for a way to spin it as “Trump is up to no good.” It would be great if these stories were “fact checked,” but most of the time they are written with a liberal political bias. Just try to find a positive news story about President Trump in our national news media. You probably won’t be able to find one. The national news media approval ratings are lower than Congress and Congress is far lower than President Trump. It is amazing President Trump has any approval rating considering the liberal bias in our national news reporting.

Once they run out of negative theories about President Trump, they move to negative stories about President Trump’s family. Is a meeting with a foreign government a crime? Since the November election there have been four special elections for GOP-held U.S. House seats (Kansas, Montana, Georgia, and South Carolina). The Democrats had high hopes of winning at least some of these elections because of the perceived anti-Trump sentiment. They poured huge sums of money into these special elections – the result – they won none.

The typical way the liberals deal with their political opponents is to engage in personal attacks. It is hard for liberals to engage in debates over policies, because once their policies are brought to light the public sees why liberal policies are not good for the country. If the liberals want to attack President Trump why don’t they attack his policies? They could attack President Trump’s policies of reducing illegal immigration, eliminating unnecessary government regulation, defeating the criminal gang MS-13, defeating ISIS, and supporting law enforcement.

After a year of investigating the “Russian influence” in the election what facts do we have to support such a charge? None. How were the Russians supposed to influence our presidential election when the votes are tallied in over 3,000 counties? Many barometers of our country's well being are trending in the positive direction: more jobs, higher stock market and lower illegal immigration. There are many positives for our country if you want to see them.

Phil Petersen