Letter to the Editor

Steve King’s track record

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Having heard Steve King's recent rants regarding the military, veterans, food stamps and any other group he can denigrate, discredit or dishonor, I feel compelled to write once again.

After 15-plus years in his current job, he has attempted to improve his record of zero bills out of committee with some pretty outlandish bills aimed at demoralizing some of our citizens who most need support. He certainly remains true to the Republican mantra that compels members of Congress to discredit anyone they can think of to distract from the fact that the Republicans have done NOTHING to enhance or maintain quality of life for Iowans, or anyone else.

Mr. King obviously feels emboldened to make such derogatory statements. I'm sure he thinks he speaks for Iowans in the Fourth Congressional District when he demeans its citizens and proposes laws to keep his constituents in poverty, with no promise of hope. Wow, what a guy. It is time for the citizens of the Fourth District to say enough is enough. This “choir boy” has got to go. Mr. King, your deplorable stance tells me you have no regard for the people you are supposed to serve. Stop the lies. Stop the hate. Start listening to those who elected you, not those who fill your pockets.

Virginia Kelly

Spirit Lake, Iowa