Letter to the Editor

Why does hearing President Trump’s words offend his supporters?

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

The American media plays a central role in a functional democracy. In the political arena its function is not only to transcribe the words of our politicians to the public, but to analyze the statement for truth and consistency. Here, statements are fact checked to determine truth. They are also compared to previously recorded statements to detect contradictions. They also sometimes report inappropriate or embarrassing actions. It seems lately those caught by the media often call the truth seekers by a myriad of names: “the enemy,” “low IQ,” “overrated,” "third rate reporter,” “showboat,” “fake news,” etc.

In my most recent letter to the editor I listed 100 statements made by President Trump that were fact checked as lies. Also two embarrassing recorded “tawdry” interviews made by Trump. It seems repeating Trump’s words is a source of irritation for him and his supporters. This must have prompted today’s signed letter from an admitted Trump voter stating that l had a severe mental problem and conveniently listed the Spencer Psychiatric Service at 2016 Hwy. Blvd., 712-580-3882 where they could deal with my stress, pain and struggles. It sounds like he follows the lead of the President by throwing insults at the ones you oppose.

He further stated that Bill Clinton had some embarrassing sexual behavior too. It brought to mind the times I scolded my teenage children for bad behavior, and they said in defense “but the other kids were doing it too.”

The big news from the Hamburg G20 conference: An announcement by President Putin that after President Trump brought up Russian tampering in our election, he said “no, we didn’t” and President Trump accepted it. No Trump response yet. It would appear that he chooses to believe Putin over our entire intelligence community. What’s wrong here?

Robert Sneitzer

Spirit Lake