Letter to the Editor

Wake up and smell the coffee

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Most of the anti-Trump Letters to the Editor in this county are written by one person. Listening to what the candidate says during the election process would seem to be logical. But once the president is elected, doesnít seem more logical to pay attention to his actions. It is refreshing to have a President who says what he means and means what he says.

Maybe there is a reason for the writer to not comment on Trumpís actions since becoming president. The Presidentís decisions to make the federal government more accountable and renegotiating favorable trade agreements for the U.S. are popular with the public. His temporary travel restrictions on six countries have now been endorsed by the U.S. Supreme Court. President Trumpís policy of asking federal government appointees to not lobby the government for five years is unheard of Ė and is a welcome change. The policies of the Left for enacting more government regulation, raising taxes and welcoming more unknown immigrants are not popular. You can understand why the Left does not mention their policies in public.

Most of the President Trump criticism comes from the newsrooms of the national news media. These newsrooms are based on the East Coast and located in counties that voted for Hillary Clinton. It is very hard to find a conservative in these newsrooms. Even the Des Moines Register has fallen prey to this bias. The national news section of the Des Moines Register Ė USA Today Ė is written and controlled by East Coast elites.

We canít even believe the national polls. The polls are taken by firms located on the East Coast and probably staffed by people who only talk to other liberals. Based on the last pre-election polls that strongly stated Hillary Clinton would win with a 90 percent probability, it is easy to understand why todayís popularity polls cast the President in a poor light. The Democrats are unhappy with Novemberís election results. They were assured Hillary would be the next President. In addition, they have lost 1,000 legislative seats in federal and state governments in recent years. The reason for their loss seems to elude them. Who will be the 2020 Democratic Party presidential candidate?

Phil Petersen