Letter to the Editor

Small farmer, my oh my!

Monday, July 3, 2017

I am concerned about New Fashion Pork and their hog confinement being built in Dickinson County abutting Christopherson Slough and near Swan Lake. By using a loophole, they are going to injure the tourist trade here. Being an out-of-state owner, they are not following the rules set out by our state. The Swan Lake Winery and B&B is downwind of the farrowing barn and that is not good.

"Small farmer my oh my!" 

Please just go to their web page. One facility produced 6 million hogs near St. Louis. The county will suffer badly because the resources needed to run a hog confinement will degrade our environment and cost us money.

Here is the deal, New Fashion Pork is building a hog confinement in three different places and claiming “small farmer” exemption. This will crush real estate values in the eastern Dickinson area. Plus. there is three times the chance of a manure mishap or catastrophic failure because of the distances between the confinements. Also, as they are claiming “small” farmers exemption they do not have follow the rules set for a confinement.

( I think it should be noted that a moratorium was enacted by Dickinson County in 2015 against hog confinements and New Fashion Pork.)

My friends, the law was designed for small farmers like Doug Rouse: hog farmer, Spirit Lake graduate, decades-long member of the community; not an out-of-state owner who cares nothing about this place of beauty. Please join me on July 11 at the supervisors meeting where New Fashion will submit their manure management plan.

This will be our only chance to stop them as they already have an out-of-state construction company digging out foundations.

Mike Miller

Spirit Lake