Letter to the Editor

What can we believe from President Trump?

Monday, July 3, 2017

A few days ago, the New York Times published an article listing lies told by President Trump since he took office. As I went through the list I counted just about 100 up until June 21.

They were easily fact-checked statements i.e.: crowd size at his inauguration, claim that he had the record for times on the cover of Time magazine (he had 11, President Nixon had 55); claimed the U.S. murder rate was the highest in 47 years (1980s and ’90s were higher); claimed his electoral college victory was the largest since Ronald Regan (George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton and Obama’s were larger); there is currently no vetting process for immigrants (actually, there is a very strict process taking up to two years); Obamacare covered very few people (actually had a net increase of 20 million people); we are one of the highest-taxed countries in the world (we are not).

The list goes on and on – you can Google it. There is another big lie currently in the making. In public forum, he stated “there will be no cuts for Medicaid.” But he is actively pressuring reluctant Senate Republicans to vote for the Senate health bill that drastically cuts Medicaid funding.

So why does he do it? It’s hard to imagine that he does it on purpose. As I run through the list of possible reasons, I will dismiss unkind ones. My best guess is that he is not properly informed and that he says what he would like to be true instead of checking out the facts. I think Kellyanne Conway correctly described the process, calling it “alternative facts.”

So, what are we as citizens to do when our President speaks to us and we just cannot believe him? How can the international community believe and trust him when he speaks for our country? I write letters. What else can you do?

ADDENDUM – I just received an eight-page letter insulting and demeaning me and my positions in previous letters — foul language included. It states that my letters amount to OBSTRUCTION. It ends with a baby photo crying and the word STOP in bold print. The concept of free speech promised in the first amendment seems to have slipped the writer’s attention. The letter was unsigned. I wonder why.

Robert Sneitzer

Spirit Lake