Letter to the Editor

Vandalism at Florence Park

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Before I begin, let me point out that my views do not necessarily reflect that of the rest of the council, the mayor, or the administration!

In reference to the letter sent last week addressing the police force and their lack of effort in investigating vandalism at Florence Park in Milford, maybe you should have done some homework before broadcasting instead of tuning in. Nothing has been swept under the rug, but rather, due to much diligence, the Milford Police Department not only identified the juveniles, but charged them as well.

Additionally, parents are being sent bills to cover the damage created by these juveniles. Delinquency has to be handled in a very delicate manner these days. Not just cuff and jail. Rest assured that any such case in the city of Milford will be handled by an extremely capable police force. These were hardly hate crimes, but that seen on a video game or television. Had you just taken the time to go to city hall and speak with the assistant administrator, or the administrator before jumping to conclusions and trying to create a panic, you would have known exactly what was going on.

Bill Huse

Milford City Councilman