Landowners required to destroy noxious weeds

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Each person in possession or control of any land in Dickinson County with noxious weeds shall immediately or at the proper time destroy and keep under control such noxious weeds, according to the following tables:

Group 1: June 9 poison hemlock, musk thistle, leafy spurge, hoary cress and wild mustard.

Group 2: June 23 Canada thistle, Russian knapweed, buckthorn, smooth dock and multiflora rose.

Group 3: July 7 field bindweed, wild carrot, teasel, horsenettle, perennial sowthistle, quackgrass, velvetleaf, puncturevine, cocklebur, bull thistle, shattercane and purple loosestrife.

You are hereby notified to destroy or cause to be destroyed, and as often as necessary to control the growth, all noxious weeds growing upon your property located within Dickinson County, on or before the dates fixed for the destruction of each group of noxious weeds, as stated herein, and that unless you do destroy or cause the same to be destroyed, the Board of Supervisors of Dickinson County, will cause said weeds growing upon said lands to be destroyed and the cost thereof to be taxed against said land as provided in Section 317.21 of the Code of Iowa and amendments thereto.


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