Letter to the Editor

Some say ‘You shouldn’t be talking about it’

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

This week I received a letter from a self-described “committed conservative and ardent supporter of the constitution” asking me to stop writing letters to the editor. Stating “Us Trump supporters certainly know by now that you don’t like or agree with him.” Further, that like so many of your fellow Trump opponents, your actions are counter-productive and detrimental to the common good.

So, what are we talking about then? A president with an approval rating of just 34 percent and a Congress (both houses with conservative majorities) with an approval rating in the single digits. The most recent poll states that only 33 percent of Americans feel we are going in the right direction – that’s down four points from 37 precent last month.

So, why do I write? There are several reasons. I am too old to travel and march in the numerous protest marches across the country and around the world. I consider myself to be a member of the loyal opposition; concerned about preserving our environment, wise use of our natural resources, supporting efforts that minimize pollution and its effect on climate change, income and gender equality, immigration issues, education and maintaining good and trusting relations with our international allies. I must also list the responses I get from friends and strangers, Democrats and Republicans, that say they agree with me and look forward to reading my letters.

As a responsible citizen, it is my duty to voice my support or peaceful dissent of our current administration’s policies. It is sad and almost unbelievable that our present administration is under investigation by a special council for collusion with our arch enemy for influencing our national elections. How could I remain silent?

Robert Sneitzer

Spirit Lake