Letter to the Editor

End of the session

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

The 100th Day of session was April 18.

Typically odd-numbered years mean a 110 day session. Earlier this year, we cut that down to 100 to save money in the de-appropriation bill. We often go beyond the set number of days each session.However, legislators stop getting per diem after the expiration of the allotted number of days.

Cutting session down from 110 to 100 days means about a $1,600 cut in per diem to each legislator. But we all have to do our part to find cuts and savings in the budget.

No one likes to see cuts. But, we are all going to have to do our part. That means a lot of tough decisions when it comes to the budget. There are a lot of people and entities that need money and have notable causes.

Sure, we could have voted "no" and kicked back. That is the easy route.If we all took the easy route out and voted no, we would not have a budget at all.It is important work together to resolve our budgetary differences as much as possible and find compromise. We needed to have a budget.

We needed to focus the funds available to essential government services. Taxpayers of Iowa work hard for every dollar they send to the state and the legislature needs to be respectful of that.