Letter to the Editor

Earth Day approaches

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Aren’t we all interested in the health and preservation of our Iowa Great Lakes? I am writing in support of Earth Day/Science Day, Sat. April 22, 2017. I am a recent transplant to the Lakes area from northern Wisconsin. I was born and raised in southeastern Wisconsin and graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee back in 1972. I attended the first Earth Day in 1970, a teach-in, where Sen. Gaylord Nelson addressed a large crowd. It was a momentous day!

I have celebrated most Earth Days since then: as a mother, teacher and as a daughter. My father was an avid fisherman and hunter, as well as a one-time student of Aldo Leopold (father of the “land ethic”) at the University of Wisconsin in Madison. My father and I spent many hours in the Wisconsin outdoors, sharing and learning together. Needless to say the environment plays a huge role in my life.

As I was coming of age in the 1960s, I witnessed the environment getting more polluted from litter along the roadsides to “dead” lakes and rivers actually on fire. It was not a pretty time. Then came the Clean Water and Clean Air Acts and the Environmental Protection Agency was established giving the federal government the right to protect our water, air and soil across state boundaries. Things began to look better.

Now Earth Day has become Science Day in response to current policies that challenge scientific consensus and cut budgets of government organizations that do the research and discovery from which we all benefit. The March for Science is a celebration of science and is non-partisan. It carries the message that we need and use science and scientific research in our lives every day! The doctor and the patient, the teacher and student, the farmer, the fisherman, the list goes on and on …

Please join the March for Science on Saturday, April 22, at the Dickinson County Nature Center on 170th St, Okoboji. We will march at 1 p.m. with signs to the Okoboji Summer Theater by way of the bike trail. In front of the Summer Theater at 2 p.m. we will show our support for science and then return to the nature center. If you cannot march, then celebrate science in your own way. For more information about the March for Science, see marchforscience.com.

Caroline Perkins

Spirit Lake