Letter to the Editor

Property assessments

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

The Dickinson County Assessor’s Office allows for review of assessed value of residential property every two years in the month of April. Board of review petitions are due at the Dickinson County Assessor’s Office between April 2 and April 30. These dates are the only window that the property tax-paying citizen of Dickinson County has to request a review of their tax assessment until April of 2019.

Please consider asking for review of your property value if you think that adjustments should be made. Has the value of your property decreased due to curly leaf pond weed or other circumstances? If so, please include a picture of the situation (if you have one from spring 2015 or 2016) with your application.

The form can be accessed online by going to dickinsoncountyiowa.org. The next step is to click on “Offices,” then click on “Assessor” which is the first choice on the drop down list: then click on “Board of Review” which is the second choice on the list in the middle of the page: then click on “Board of Review Petition.” Don’t be intimidated by the form. Section 1.a.(2). asks if there has been a downward change in the value since last assessment. This is the area where you can express your concerns and, if possible, attach a photo.

If you do not have online access – then take a trip to the Dickinson County Assessor’s Office in the beautiful new courthouse and request a form. If you feel nervous that the form is not filled out correctly, stop at the office and ask them to review it. The office is there to serve you – the public. The form has a place to request an oral hearing as well. Please consider this, as the office needs to hear your concerns. Your voice is important.

Rayna Grothe

Spirit Lake