Letter to the Editor

Des Moines changes for District 2

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Bills are making their way to the governor. And two of them in particular, had House District 2 written all over them.

Last Thursday, Governor Branstad signed HF 289. This bill allows the Clay and Carroll County Treasurer's office to issue drivers licenses. Prior to this, 81 county treasurers were issuing licenses. With the Governor's autograph and an immediate effective date, our county treasurer may issue drivers licenses.

The second bill, HF 441 has been a bill that's been in the works for several years. This bill lets 16 and 17-year-olds do laundry at work. It came from a constituent in House District 2 after a young person's work permit was rejected because they would be doing laundry as part of their job.

For some reason, this bill caused partisan divide in 2013. But we were able to get everyone on the same page and pass it almost unanimously.

One would think this wouldn't even be a law let alone one that is hard to repeal. Still, it existed. This bill impacts many small businesses and kids who want to save some money for college. Was this a high priority bill? No. But it means a lot to Iowans and it needed to be fixed.