Letter to the Editor

Health matters

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

HF 563 is a bill I sponsored, and I am so proud to say we were able to pass it off of the House Floor on Wednesday of this week.

This bill requires coaches to know how to do CPR.

Additionally, this bill requires the Iowa High School Athletic Association and Iowa Girls' High SchoolAthleticUnionto create concussion protocols.

This bill concept came to me from Dr. Rick Wilkerson of Spencer. I want to thank him for all of the time and energy that he put into this bill, as well as his commitment to protecting our student athletes. Additionally, I want to applaud Spencer Hospital for going out of their way to protect our student athletes by providing trained medical professionals on the field, mats, and courts. Their service extends throughout northwest Iowa.

Spencer Community Schools and other area school districts are already prepared with coaches and teachers trained in CPR. This simple class can save lives. I appreciate this commitment and they set a gold standard for other school districts throughout our state.

Concussion protocols give schools the tools in their toolbox to better protect our student athletes. I hope this bill can make it through the senate and onto the governor's desk.


A certain newspaper keeps reporting legislator's health insurance. For some reason, they kept reporting that I was only paying $1,700 for my insurance.I have asked that 20 percent of my premiums be taken out of my check each year. So, I did some more research.

When I got married in 2014 and added my husband to my policy, the amount taken out of my check did not increase to reflect our new family plan. This happened for the months of September-December of 2014. There was another error in 2016 when my paperwork was not processed in time and subsequently decreased my return by some.

The result was that I was $1,168.42 short of paying my premiums for 2013-17. So, I charged myself 10 percent interest and wrote the State of Iowa a check for $1,285.27.

I am still not sure where the $1,700 comes from. But what I do know, is that even when you ask the government to take more money from you they still screw it up.