Letter to the Editor

In support of King

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

I am dismayed and frankly, disgusted at the constant attempts by the media to distort and malign the meaning of Congressman Steve King's words whenever it can, which is ongoing and relentless!

I have followed Congressman King’s entire career for the past 20 years very closely, because I found it refreshing to find a politician that articulated traditional American values from faith and family to the Constitution of the United States. Furthermore, he does it fearlessly and consistently, knowing every statement will bring the far left to hyperventilate over his every word.

He has proven to be our country's and our state of Iowa’s most fearless defender of our religious freedom and constitutional rights for ALL citizens. If you look at his record and understand the context of his statements, he is representing my family and circle of friends as we would want him to.

I am an Iowa native, ISU Graduate, 65 years old, raised five children, have 19 grandchildren and consider myself a common man. I urge those that do know Congressman King to study his record and listen carefully to what he says. He is not what the media and the Des Moines Register portray.

Dennis Massner

West Bend