Letter to the Editor

Johnson and the Republican party

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Last Saturday morning was the third (and final) “eggs and issues” in City Hall, and we were blessed with the presence of our own congressman — the honorable Steve King — in addition to representatives Megan Jones and John Wills and former Republican Senator, David Johnson. Two things were quite apparent — the crowd has become quite unrepresentative of voters in northwest Iowa, and the metamorphosis of David Johnson is just about complete.

The last two crowds have been decidedly anti-Trump and anti-Republican showing their displeasure with boos and catcalls if they disagreed with the Republicans, but responded with cheers and claps when they agreed with Independent (?) Johnson who seemed to be against anything Megan and John were for. I guess liberal northwest Iowans are not immune from the malaise afflicting liberals nation-wide who are unable to accept the fact Hillary LOST! They now know how we felt after Romney lost what should have been a “slam dunk” in 2012 because Obama had the absolute worst first four years of any president in history!

A few years ago “eggs and issues” was dominated by the friction between long-time Democrat Senator Jack Kibbie from Palo Alto County and Republican David Johnson on almost every subject. Kibbie was a proud fiscal and social liberal as evidenced by the fact he was the one person SOLELY responsible for homosexual marriage in Iowa. David, while he retains a strong pro-life position, has morphed into Jack! He has become as abrasive as Jack particularly with John Wills, but had a few barbs for Megan and Steve as well.

David and I were once friends. He drove by my farm on his way to and from Des Moines and occasionally would stop by for a chat especially if some legislation affecting soil conservation was imminent. He was (and is) a strong advocate for conservation. Our relationship started its downward spiral when he refused to listen to concerns when RICL proposed a high voltage transmission line through the center of my farm. My concern was the use of eminent domain forcing us to sell an easement, but David thought it was OK.

That was over three years ago which, in retrospect, was the start of the “new” David culminating by his renunciation of the Republican Party after now President Trump was announced as the Republican nominee. I don’t profess to understand the transformation, but I do wish the “old” David would return!


Jerry Crew