Sharing Christmas 2016

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Below is a list of participants in the annual Upper Des Moines Opportunity Sharing Christmas program which provides holiday gifts to low-income children, seniors and disabled residents of Dickinson County.

Participants can be adopted, with a call to the Upper Des Moines Opportunity office at 336-1112 between 9 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Please be ready with more than one selection as the list is updated continually. Before you bring the gifts in, we ask that you wrap each item and attach a tag with the family number and which member that gift is for, and also put the family number in LARGE, BOLD numbers on all sides of the container in which you place the gifts. This will help the UDMO staff tremendously!

Gifts should be returned to the UDMO Spirit Lake office by Dec. 8. If you want to help but do not care to adopt, the UDMO staff appreciate any donation amount to help families.

1. Adopted

2. One kid. Boy 13, pant 44 x 29, shirt 3X, winter gear (black), gift card.

3-4. Adopted

5. Two kids, Girl 12, pant 16 (girls), shirt XL (girls), "My Life" doll and clothes for it. Boy 8, pant 8 (boys), shirt 10/12 (boys), boomerang, Monster truck big.

6. Adopted

7. Two kids. Boy 16, pant 32 waist, shirt M (mens), cologne, Google Play store gift card. Girl 10, pant 16, shirt 16/18, 18-inch doll clothes, art supplies.

8-11. Adopted

12. Two kids, Boy 12, pant 16, shirt L, anything with football or basketball, boxers size 16/18. Girl 2, pant & shirt 3T, books, learning toys.

13. Two kids, Girl 11, pant & shirt 14, DVD player, sound bar. Boy 5, pant & shirt 5T, Paw Patrol airplane, tool play set.

14. One kid. Girl 15, pant & shirt S, large carrying case for cosmetics or art supplies, art supplies (sketch pads, brushes, paints), suitcase/travel bag.

15. One kid. Boy 6, pant 6, shirt 8, books, Legos, Hot Wheels.

16. Three kids. Girl 8, pant 8, shirt 10/12 (girls), Big girl coloring books, anything "Frozen." Boy 12, pant 32x30, shirt S (men's), K'nex, Legos. Boy 11, pant 14, shirt 14/16. Legos, cars, trucks.

17. Three kids. Boy 8, pant 8R, shirt M, Lego sets, Nerf gun. Boy 13, shirt XXL, action figures, bicycle helmet. Boy 11, pant 16, shirt S (adult), Lego sets, Nerf gun.

18. Two kids. Boy 17, pant 32/32, shirt M, gas card, hunting & fishing items. Boy 13, pant 30x32, shirt M, hunting & fishing items, football.

19. One kid. Boy 12, pant 36 x 30, shirt L (men's), books, DVDs.

20. Two kids, Boy 8, pant 6 slim, shirt 8, anything w/ "Plants vs Zombies" or Minecraft. Girl 9, pant 10 slim shirt 10, Barbie Princess related.

21. Adopted

22. Two kids. Boy 7, pant 7, shirt 8, Green bay Packers twin bed set, street shots street blaster, fathead (Green bay Packers). Girl 11, pant 14-16, shirt S (women's) or XL youth, anything Jacob Sartorius, Amazon gift certificate, Under Armour gym sack or nap sack.

23. Two kids. Boy 18, pant 30x34, shirt L, gas card, tools. Girl 14, pant 14 youth, shirt 14/16, art supplies, games.

24. Three kids. Boy 9, pant 34x30, shirt M adult, science items, Xbox games. Boy 6, pant & shirt 6, sport things, dirt bike related items. Girl 3 pant & shirt 4T, Barbies, Doc McStuffins.

25. Adopted

26. Two kids, Girl 11, pant 7/8, shirt 10, art canvases, gift cards, Shopkins. Boy 15, pant 14/16, shirt Adult S, Gift cards, CO2 Airsoft.

27. Adopted

28. Three kids. Boy 7, pant 8, shirt M, Legos, Nerf gun. Boy 10, pant 8, shirt M, Scooter, Nerf gun. Girl 8, pant 7S, shirt 7/8, Barbie, hair, makeup stuff.

29-32. Adopted

33. Two kids. Boy 16, pant 32x34, shirt XL, video games, clothes. Girl 10, pant 10, shirt 12/14, clothes, make up.

34. Adopted

35. One kid. Boy 8, shirt M, anything wrestling related, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle items.

36-37. Adopted

38. One kid. Boy 12, pant & shirt, 14/16, trick scooter, hunting items, movie theater gift card.

39. Adopted

40. Four kids. Girl 10, pant & shirt 12/14, Hatchimal, Nom Noms. Girl 7, pant & shirt 7/8, project mc2 experiment dolls, Shopkins. Girl 5, pant & shirt 6, project mc2 experiment dolls, Shopkins. Boy 1, pant & shirt 24 month, paw patrol toys, toddler race car tracks & train tracks.

41. Three kids. Boy 17, pant 32/34, shirt L, snapback (hat) Eagles, Yu Gi Oh cards/game. Boy 12, pant 28/34, shirt M, football cards (Bears), fishing equipment, outdoor items. Boy 11, pant 12/14, shirt M, football items (Panthers), outdoor items.

42. Three kids. Girl 16, pant woman, shirt M, makeup. Girl 14, pant 11 woman, shirt M, makeup, basketball. Girl 8, pant & shirt 8 girl, Monster High dolls, Barbie & accessories.

43. One kid. Girl 5, pant 6/7, shirt 7, Barbie car for dolls, Movie (new releases) cartoons.

44. Two kids. Boy 3, pant 18 month, shirt 2T, blanket, stuffed animals. Boy 3, pant 18 month, shirt 2T, stuffed animals, books.

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