Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

We are the Class of '41.

Most of us were born in 1923 or 1924 when Calvin Coolidge was president! Our country was prosperous and safe. In 1929 we became the Great Depression "kids." We heard about President Roosevelt and things like the CCCs and the WPA. We went barefoot to save our shoes for school and Sundays in church, but we never went hungry and we never knew we were poor.

We were taught to be honest and to work hard. Our parents and our teachers gave us a good moral and religious background, mostly by example. We had tremendous school spirit. We loved sports, the arts, learning and our teachers. We lived near a beautiful blue lake, Lake Okoboji, where we learned to swim. We learned to dance at a place by the lakeshore called the Roof Garden. We danced to orchestras like Glenn Miller, Tommy Dorsey and Woody Herman.

We graduated from Spencer High School into the tumult of World War II. It was our class, our generation, who got pushed into that war effort for nearly five years. Nearly all of the 'boys' from our class were in some branch of the service or defense work. Many of the girls headed west to California to work in defense plants; some were followed by their entire families. Some girls joined the WACs or went into Civil Service. We are the generation who gave birth to the "Baby Boomers," 1946 to 1961.

We've had good times and bad, tragedies and successes. For 75 years, our Class of '41, Spencer High School has gathered to relate our unique stories of life. One hundred thirteen "friends" graduated from high school and remained friends through all the years. We have reached our 75th reunion!

We will touch one another's lives again this year in our ever-changing course of life. Classmates will come from Iowa, Minnesota and Georgia, and even though there are only 17 left, we are the Class of '41! Only those with health problems will not be with us, but we have letters, photos, emails and phone calls. This year children of the classmates have been invited and several will attend on Saturday, Aug. 20 at the HyVee Party Room in Spencer at noon.

Attending from Dickinson County will be Ted Carpenter who owned the first Nutty Bar Stand in Arnolds Park; Verne Hansen, retired farmer; and Vergene Donovan from Spirit Lake.

Vergene Donovan

Spirit Lake