Letter to the Editor

Iowa Lakes bond referendum

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

On Feb. 2, Iowa Lakes Community College is having a special bond referendum vote. The proposed 16 million dollar bond, which sunsets in 15 years, has projects at all five campuses to meet the needs of current students and to attract new students.

The estimated cost to a homeowner with a $100,000 assessed value home is $11.70 per year for 15 years. In the extremely competitive environment that colleges exist in, having top-notch facilities is vital to provide the experience and tools necessary to attract students. Passing this bond referendum will ensure that ILCC has the tools to be a leader in education and to be able to see continued success and growth.

ILCC is a huge asset to northwest Iowa by creating a small and diverse learning environment for people to continue their education and broaden their skills. ILCC provides an opportunity for young people in the area to continue their education without leaving the region or the state. It also provides opportunities for adults who want to change their career paths, continue their education, or obtain additional training or certifications. Providing opportunities like these are vital to keeping people in the area.

Having a successful and vibrant college like ILCC in the area also stimulates our local economy by providing good jobs, by training skilled workforce, and by contributing to the local tax base. Our company, Beck Engineering, has personally seen the benefits of having a local community college in the area. Over half of our employees have received education and training at Iowa Lakes Community College. By providing people the skills necessary to thrive in the workplace, they have significantly increased the employees' lifetime earnings and our business output by providing skilled, efficient workers.

Please help support the college in this effort to meet community and student needs by voting Yes on Feb. 2, by going to your local courthouse or requesting an absentee ballot. Project drawings and specifics can be found at www.iowalakes.edu/bond.

Brad and Teresa Beck

Spirit Lake