Letter to the Editor

Thanks from the Roth family

Thursday, January 7, 2016

We cannot begin to thank everyone enough for all the love and support shown and given to our family. Thank you to the Terril Fire Department and EMS crew, the Superior Fire Department, the Milford Fire Department and the Spirit Lake Fire Department. Thank you for risking your life every time you go to a fire and voluntarily doing it. Then after the fire was out to go in and remove memorabilia, absolutely brought tears to our eyes.

Thank you to the American Red Cross for your help to our family during and after the fire.

Thank you to the Terril Fire and EMS for hosting the wonderful benefit, the people who helped set it up, cook and worked the stations, to all the people and businesses that donated items to the silent auction and bake sale.

Thank you to the Graettinger-Terril, Ruthven-Ayshire and Okoboji Schools, from the student councils to the booster clubs, the teachers and staff, the students, parents. What amazing students and staff you have and we are so lucky to be a part of these school systems.

We wish we could name everyone that helped us, but the list is overwhelming and we don't want to miss anyone, because each is so very important and meaningful to us. Thank you to our neighborhood for getting us clothing, coats, shoes, taking my kids for supper, offering your home the night of the fire. For the clothes, furniture, money, gift cards as each was given with love and support. To those who brought things to our house in Wallingford and dropped them off, thank you! For those who brought furniture, clothing, dishes, food, helped with getting beds from the hotel, thank you! For those who brought us a meal, or gave us gift cards, thank you! For those who gave us a hug, thank you!

Thank you to the Brower/Woods family for taking Seven in and loving him until we could move into a house, thank you!

Thank you to the Young family of Wallingford for a place to live until we found our new home.

Our New Journey Community Church and family. We can't thank you enough for all your love and support. From standing on the street the night of the fire, to getting us a hotel room, the donations and the Christmas surprise. We are so blessed to be a part of a wonderful family full of faith.

A special thank you to all the churches, deacons, and youth groups who sent donations, quilts and inspiration to us.

A special thank you to Kiwanis North Star Nights for your Christmas gifts.

A special thank you to Matt Heinrichs from the Dickinson County News for sending us the flash drive with all the photos you took of Kolton last wrestling season.

We can't thank our employers and co-workers enough for all their donations, bake sales and gifts. Thank you Hy-Vee, Lakes Regional Healthcare and Polaris.

Please, please make sure you have smoke alarms in your home and you check them as recommended. Make sure you inventory your home, or at least take pictures and leave them in a separate location or backup to an offsite location. Check your insurance to make sure you are aware of your coverage and that you have adequate coverage.

We have learned that you miss the things you take for granted each day, like reaching for your toothbrush and comb. When you're cooking a meal and you reach in the cupboard to find some spice you cook with. Or when it gets cold and you reach for your coat, hat and gloves out of the closet. Everything can be gone in a matter of minutes.

We are blessed to have found a home in Graettinger. We have moved in and were able to spend Christmas there together.

A special thank you to the Brockmeyer family for your support of our family.

Remember your faith, your family and your friends and be thankful for them every day. We are so blessed to have our family and our dog Seven. We will count those blessings every day as we continue on our new journey. Isn't small town Iowa amazing!

Tim, Michelle, Reese, Kolton, Arielle, Spencer, Seven Roth