Letter to the Editor

Churches and taxes

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

In regard to the church letters (May 20 by Robert Sneitzer and May 27 by Roger Carr):

Churches own lots of properties and buildings, businesses and farmland which they pay no taxes on. (Mormons do have the most.) It gives them an unfair advantage over the people who pay taxes.

The church and parsonage should be tax exempt -- also, the collections of the churches. Everything else should have to pay property taxes and income tax on the profits from farms, buildings, businesses, etc.

Too many charitable institutions are scams. Some only give 10 percent on the dollar to the charity. Ask them for a copy of their budget before you give them a dime. Billy Graham was the only one you could get that information from.

The Mega Churches! Look at the history of most of them. How about the guy who wants his huge congregation to donate enough extra to buy him a $650,000 airplane? Tax-exempt, of course.

One last thing, check out the city of Dubuque. The Catholic Church owns oodles of property in that town and county. No real estate taxes paid, of course. Do you think everyone likes to pay more because of that?

Alice Kabele

Spirit Lake