So many places to go, people to see

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Can you feel it yet?

Ice is making its annual retreat on our collection of lakes. We're beginning to hear the soundtrack of robins and geese. Our young people are thinking about proms and graduations.

We also know some of our friends and neighbors have begun packing in places like Arizona and Florida. They're ready for their annual summer in the Iowa Great Lakes.

It's no wonder. There are so many places to go and people to see.

We know how passionate our communities are about the performing arts. Just listen to one of the most decorated high school jazz bands in the state of Iowa or enjoy the world-class acoustics of the Sami Center for the Performing Arts.

We can start a week with big band music or find ourselves dancing to 60s tunes at Rock the Roof on Thursday. On Saturday night we can watch a sunset over West Lake Okoboji during yet another concert at Preservation Plaza.

We can see incredible performances by the students of Stephen's College on any night of the week. Children can enjoy a storybook performance at Treasure Village and become a part of the summer cast when they get a little older.

We honor the brave men and women who served our country. The end of May marks the start of vacation season but we'll still find plenty of friends, neighbors and guests pause to attend Memorial Day services in Lake Park, Terril, Milford and Spirit Lake.

We don't wonder if we'll see a fireworks show. We just have to make sure we're parked in front of the right lake on the right night as we celebrate our nation's independence. Dickinson County commissioned an Iowan's "Freedom Rock" project early on. The Memorial Plaza is now a centerpiece of Lake Park.

We stay true to our heritage by preserving the historic Abbie Gardner cabin and by maintaining a wide selection of museums. We keep our eye to the future with a state-of-the-art courthouse.

We grow corn and grapes. We raise cattle and buffalo. The state's top agriculture official comes from right here in the Iowa Great Lakes.

We can enjoy hamburgers, tacos or ice cream novelties with a cult following. We can take in a local band with our nightcap or take advantage of some of the best fine dining selections in the state.

We can find high-end apparel at a local boutique or a dusty treasure at one of the area's flea markets.

We can catch a walleye at one of the area's state parks or we can catch a ride on a rare wooden roller coaster.

We can park our cars for a drive-in movie or a drive-in worship service.

We can grab our bicycles or sneakers for an evening on the trails or we can find a fitness center on a rainy day.

Whether we're in town for a weekend, a season or a lifetime we quickly learn one thing.

There are so many great places to visit, so many great people to see.

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