Letter to the Editor

On hog lots and lakes

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

In the Sunday Des Moines Register, I read that the proposed hog confinement lot near Big Spirit Lake is once again on the table. I understood the application had been withdrawn, but now it seems to have re-emerged. With our lax laws, it seems difficult to prevent, and few in the government seem willing to change that.

I think we need to find elected officials who are not just "pro farm," but are also "pro lake." We need politicians who feel it is important to represent all of us. I certainly don't find that sentiment in State Senator David Johnson's comments.

As a Board member of the Spirit Lake Protective Association, I am a firm believer in doing everything we can to keep our lakes clean so that everyone can enjoy them for recreation, keep the wildlife and fish healthy and have clean drinking water.

If you agree, I suggest your write to senator David Johnson, the governor, and every other politician that supports the master matrix "as is," and believes that allowing this large hog lot too near to Spirit Lake is a smart idea. In my opinion, this is not a good direction for folks in the Lakes Area.

Kim Stroud

Spirit Lake and Des Moines

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