Letter to the Editor

Students oppose House Appropriations Bill

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Petty, partisan politics have taken hold of the Regents universities -- and students, like me, are paying the price.

This week the Iowa House announced that they plan to punish the University of Iowa for effectively managing its resources. The House Appropriations Committee voted to increase Iowa State's and UNI's appropriations by 4 percent, but the University of Iowa only received a 2.1 percent increase.

Not only is the House ignoring the Governor's recommendation, but they're pitting the Regents universities against each other.

I chose to come to the University of Iowa because of its quality -- because the education I get here is a great value. For one of the lowest prices in the country, I get to take classes from some of the world's most highly-recognized faculty. I get to do research with graduate students and professors. I have the opportunity to do service at the UI Hospitals, and participate in some of the countless student organizations on campus.

I want the quality of my education to remain intact. By pitting the universities against one another, the House is essentially telling me that the quality of my education is not important. They're telling me that party politics and the November election are more important than my education. They're wrong.

I support the Regents' budget request that the Senate passed. I support Governor Branstad's budget. I support the comprehensive efficiency review that seeks to find ways to stretch state dollars further. I cannot support a policy that puts politics over quality and turns my education into just another talking point on the road to the November election.

The House should pass a clean Regents budget bill that follows the Senate version and the Governor's recommendations, including a 4 percent increase in appropriations for all three of the universities.

I am an Iowa student working to get an Iowa education. I refuse to be a political football.


Jackson Walsh

University of Iowa student