Dickinson County Trail Board Meeting December 14, 2013

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Board Present: ED Martin, Jones, Reed, Sackett, Taylor, Mass, Niemeier, Sieh

Board Absent: Miller, Keizer

1. Meeting called to order by President Reed

2. Quorum determined to be present

3. Adoption of Agenda, Minutes Approval, Bills/Claims Approval: Maas moved to approve consent agenda, 2nd by Taylor. Carried.

4. Bills & Claims: US Bank $43.48 (staples, ink): US Bank $41.50(gift for retiring board member): US Bank $15 (constant contact): US Bank $54.51 (ink): Dickinson County News $42.24 (board meeting minutes): Alliant Energy $160.15 (tunnel lights [11/5/13 bill]): Jacobson-Westergard $3,041.35 (restore limestone driveway for 2 West Lake residents [Langel & Johnson], engineering services in October-punch list, communication with contractor and homeowners, preparation of pay estimate and change order): Jacobson-Westergard $533.10 (engineering services-October for communication with contractors and investigation of potential trail repairs): Marsha Carlson $45 (Secretarial Dec. 2013): Iowa Bicycle Coalition $100 (membership renewal): US Bank $15 (constant contact 12/11): Dickinson County News $49.28 (board meeting minutes): Alliant Energy $77.48 (tunnel lights [12/5/13 bill])

Old Business:

a. Continued discussion regarding snowmobile policy/maps for the 2013-14 season.

b. Okoboji Foundation update regarding investment portfolios.

New Business:

a. Motion by Maas and 2nd by Sieh approving Trail Board officers Reed (President), Sackett (Vice-President), and Harrington (Executive Secretary). Carried.

b. Motion to appoint Jason Harrington as the new board member at-large and reappoint Taylor as Spirit Lake member made by Sackett and 2nd by Niemeier.


c. Motion by Sackett and 2nd by Niemeier to change the monthly board meeting date to the 2nd Thursday of the month. Carried.

d. Martin, with representatives, will present the Annual Reports to Cities.

e. Continued discussion regarding Friends mailings.

f. Martin made a request that as many board members as possible be present for the budget presentation to the Board of Supervisors.

g. Motion by Sieh and 2nd by Sacket to approve Taylor and Martin attendance at the Iowa Bicycle Coalition in Des Moines Jan. 24-25. Carried.

h. ICAP review indicates the need to review maintenance agreements; referred to the Maintenance Action team.

Motion by Taylor and 2nd by Sackett to adjourn at 8:30. Carried.

dcn 0108-2