Letter to the Editor

PIE Group gives to Spirit Lake Middle School

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The Spirit Lake Middle School has always had great support from their parents and community. That support was again displayed this summer when the Spirit Lake Middle School PIE (Partners In Education) organization generously gave a financial gift to support the needs of our students. Spirit Lake Middle School students have longed for new equipment and activities for recess. The middle school PIE organization began planning this summer to take action on these needs. They graciously agreed to fund the construction of an outdoor basketball court featuring new, adjustable hoops. This basketball court will provide years of sustained play and activity for students of all ages. Along with the new basketball court, materials were purchased to build a Ga-Ga pit on the middle school play ground. Ga-Ga is a new game sweeping the country that allows lots of students to participate in a setting that is fun, challenging, and highly engaging. New outdoor tables were also purchased for our middle school students to sit and relax by during recess and lunch times. Our middle school PIE organization gave a total of $20,000 to fund these projects. This gift is a credit to the hard work and dedication of all the people involved in our PIE group. We, as a middle school and entire school district, are very appreciative of their financial funding of this project. We are very fortunate to have the continual support this organization offers our building and district. We know these new outdoor activities will help meet the needs of our students. They provide a safe and fun environment which students are enjoying daily. Thank you to the PIE group for your generosity!

Angela Olsen

Learning and Development