Letter to the Editor

Stop signs

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Thank you to the law enforcement officers, elected officials, and road maintenance crews that have made the Sunner Ave and 175th Street intersection east of the Barns a safer intersection. It is too late for Ava, who was killed, and the numerous others who have suffered debilitating personal injuries in crashes there. To a casual passerby, it would appear to be a wide open intersection and not dangerous. However, the roadways do not come together at right angles and the roof pillars of many vehicles follow the slant of the east-west road. This combination created a very hazardous blind zone for drivers. Too many times drivers -- who did not take a second look -- pulled out in front of oncoming traffic. It is now a four-way stop. Two new flashing stopsigns, a little paint, and some installation costs, were tax dollars well-spent to reduce crashes, vehicle damage, emergency response costs, and most importantly, human injury. Thank you for making our travel safer.

Diane Zempel

Spirit Lake