Letter to the Editor

Thank You

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

This weekend at the 11-under baseball tournament, our son, Krew, broke is leg during a game. We would like to say thank you to the first responders, paramedics and Spirit Lake Indians 11-under team and coaches for the awesome care he received prior to leaving the field. Our family is so impressed by Chris I. & Coach Petersen and many others who helped to keep us all calm during this awful time.

Coach P. even took time to talk to our players to let them know he would be all right, which they all thought was very impressive. The Indians baseball team showed their support by lining up while he was being taken off the field and expressed encouraging words. Congrats to the parents for raising great athletes with good sportsmanship.

We also want to thank the ambulance crew, (Matt, Chris, Brad and anyone I forgot) for keeping Krew calm and providing excellent care. We couldn't have done it without you.

Once at the hospital we again had GREAT people watching out for our son. We're sorry we didn't get everyones names to include in this thank you, but you ALL deserve a hug for making us feel better about the situation. There are not enough words to express the wonderful care Krew has been receiving at the hospital. Dr. Leopold, nurses: Julie, Carol, Tonia and Dianna, and all the CNAs have been so kind and caring, as well as the rest of the behind the scenes hospital staff.

Thank you SO MUCH!

Everyone has made a terrible event alot more easy to handle. The Lakes Area residents deserve a much deserved pat on the back. We will not forget your kindness ... EVER.


The Aljets family, Troy, Gayla, Kirsten, Krew and Kessey