Letter to the Editor

A Spirit Lake honor

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

I would like to publically express my appreciation to the Spirit Lake Hall of Achievement for my recent induction. As I have expressed on numerous occasions, there is nothing I could have done in my professional life that was more important than the time I spent with students of the Spirit Lake Community School District. I have been richly blessed to have had many unique opportunities and successes but none of those rival what I experienced on a day-to-day basis in high school classes in this district.

The Hall of Achievement is in itself a strong statement that exemplary education is a significant part of our community's heritage. We value it, we support it, and we recognize it. I am proud to have been a part of a great staff that challenged me every day to be my best. I am equally gratified to note that Superintendent Dr. David Smith and the present staff carry on that legacy of excellence.

A special thanks to board members Craig Newell, Marlys Nichols, Melode O'Neill, Lori Pedersen, Andy Schultz, Diana Sanders, Deb Ditsworth and Collette Travis for their efforts to make the Hall of Achievement evening very special. To those that wrote nominating letters and letters of support please know I will treasurer them forever.

With sincere appreciation,

Mike May

Spirit Lake