Letter to the Editor

Gun ownership

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The Berkley Bedell piece, "Concerns of a gun owner and duck hunter" was masterfully written. Mr. Bedell's combination of wit and the absurd comparison of valuing the life of a duck over the life of a human being were accurate and sent a clear message. I too have been a gun owner and hunting enthusiast all my life. I support the 2nd Amendment and believe that 22 caliber rifles, deer rifles, and shotguns are the common sense armament the framers had in mind. We should expect our military and police to be equipped with high capacity people-killing guns -- not the populace. Guns, baseball bats, drugs, alcohol, and numerous other creations of man will always require some form of regulation. Forty percent of the youth today are raised in a single parent household. Violence in movies, violent video games -- we are evolving into a godless society with scant moral values.

Bob Voss