Q&A with Nick Amundson

Friday, February 8, 2013

College Choice: Northwestern College

Position: Defensive Back

Size: 6-0, 180

Major: Undecided

1. Why'd you choose Northwestern?

"I chose Northwestern because I know the playing style since Coach Bolluyt was a former Red Raider coach. He taught us the way Northwestern plays and it won us a state title."

2. Talk about being able to play football at the next level?

"My thoughts at the beginning of my senior year to play college football were minimal. Once my season started to set sail I knew right then, my career of playing football wasn't over. My thoughts on getting to play college football is that it is going to be one of the best experiences of my life."

3. What goals have you set for yourself in regards to football?

"The goals I have set for myself for football are to help my teammates in any way whether that be becoming a better player, leader and person in general. Another goal of mine is to get a shot at a national title. The last goal I have set in mind is to become a better person, a better leader in life and to become a leader at Northwestern."

4. Talk about how Coach Bolluyt and his staff have prepared you for success on the gridiron?

"The main reason I chose Northwestern is because it was similar to playing at Spirit Lake. It would be like playing at Spirit Lake for another four years. All of the coaches at Spirit Lake made me the player I am today. Each coach did something one way or another to help my success last season."

5. Talk about why you think your Spirit Lake teammates will be valuable to their selected programs?

"Coach Bolluyt has taught me many values in life. Leadership plays a big key on a team becoming one. 'Built For Others,' is a quote Bolluyt used numerous times, meaning not to have the spotlight on you. One of the things I took from that quote is community. Our community at Spirit Lake was outstanding! I felt like each and every one of them was family to me. 'Close the Gap' was another saying we had throughout the season. We had a key that had 12 teeth on it, 11 players on the field and the other tooth for all the other things in our life. Those are 'some' of the coaching styles and values that Coach Bolluyt taught me to be a better person."

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