Letter to the Editor

Back to School shopping

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Has anyone reading this not heard of Upper Des Moines Opportunity's annual Back to School shopping night? For 24 years, Bomgaars has opened their store on a Sunday night in August so that low-income Dickinson County children could shop in private for new school clothes provided through the generosity of the community. This year, children from over 70 families were able to select up to $150 in new school clothing. Once again, thanks to Priority One who had their red wagon at Walmart collecting school supplies. Those children were also able to receive some much needed school supplies. A special thank you goes to Lon Noble and the crew at Bomgaars as well as to Diane Zempel, Latrelle Stapleton, Lori Mains, Jacque Peta, Penny Bossow, Carol Coleman, and Aileen Schacherer who generously volunteered their time that night.

It takes a special community to successfully pull off a charity event year after year that allows children to feel confident rather than anxious about their return to school. We are glad the community understands just what this means to the children and their families. So, whether you gave through your church, community group, business or sent a personal donation, it really did take each and every one of you to make it happen. We are the lucky ones who get to hear the heartfelt thanks from the families, and we send them on to you.

Laurie Ruf, Deb Weir, Staff & Volunteers

Upper Des Moines Opportunity, Inc.